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Social Networking Site Provides Members and Visitors Option to Share Status Updates to Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and Other Social Networking Sites from Findit

Findit, Inc. a Nevada Corporation that trades in the OTC Pink: FDIT owner of Findit.com, is a Social Networking Content Management Platform. Members can join Findit free and utilize Findit to create their own site within Findit. The tools available in each Findit account provides members with the ability to have the content posted in Findit to be shared to yours or other social networking accounts.

By having this option Findit can reduce the amount of time it takes to post the same status update and post it separately to each of your other social accounts. Sharing can also be done by visitors who come across your posts in Findit. Visitors to the site will have access to your content and can also find your posts through Google search and in feeds when they are shared to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social sites.

With the variation of content that can be included in one Right Now post on Findit, search engines have more relevant content to crawl and visitors who come across your posts will be provided with as much in-depth information you want them to see in each post.

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Findit offers members with a content management dashboard that allows them to create in-depth Right Now posts. Members have the ability to post the Right Now status update instantly, back-date it to fill in their feed, or post-date it to become live in the future.

Text: Within the text section, members have the ability to write as much content as they want; Findit does not limit the amount of characters or words that can be used in a post.

Photos: Findit also gives members the ability to include as many photos as they want in a single post.

Video: Findit provides members with the ability to include a video via a youtube link or a vimeo link.

Press Releases: Findit offers members the ability to pull in press releases that they have submitted through Findit. Findit offers press release distribution at various levels from single releases to a yearly package. Only members that have purchased a press release package or single release have the ability to include a release in a right now post.

Audio Files/Music: Members on Findit have the ability to post audio files or podcasts as well as songs to their Findit account. Members can also pull these files into a right now post, where the podcast or audio file will play within Findit. Members can then describe that the podcast is about within the right now status update to give more context to the audio file.

Scheduling: Members have the ability to schedule posts into the future, post them immediately, or back-date them to fill in their feed.

Below are live posts on Findit from various members. You can click on the posts and view them without creating a Findit account and you do have the option to share each of the posts below to the social networking sites you choose to that you have an account on.

Top Stories can be posted in Findit and shared quickly to reach more people.

The View Whoopi Goldberg going to a commercial break as on-set argument starts over George H W Bush Death

Local Businesses can Post to their Right Now and increase their local indexing in Google while sharing the same post to Facebook to reach more people there too.

Cbd is becoming more and more popular. As a result of online marketing available through Findit, CBD Unlimited, Inc. (EDXC) is seeing an increase in their traffic ranking and sales to their website.

Fitness and Yoga Instructors can utilize Findit to reach more people and get more followers. Calvin Corzine is a Brand Ambassador on Findit.



Findit offers a place for everyone to create their content and share their story with others. Findit member Ryan Cassata.



Business Owners love the ease of posting in Findit and how their posts get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Findit member Local Buzz Connect.


Home owners, property managers and Real Estate Agents can list vacation rentals, homes for sale or rent without having to incur hefty listing fees. Findit member Abodeca.


Peter Tosto from Findit stated, "This is an amazing time to provide a platform that provides all of our members with the ability to leverage all of theior friends and followers and give them a central location that is Findit to see all of the content they are posting and also and to me this is really important have the option to select where I share my posts and post I come across to."

Findit has an account reserved for President Donald Trump Findit.com/potus

Indexing in Search Engines - Every single post in Findit currently can be crawled by any search engine in the world and indexed in Search Results organically. Findit will be adding a setting that will allow members to select who they want to share the posts with and if they want them to be public of private. Public posts will be crawled by search engines while private posts will be just that private. This update is not live yet.

Customizing your Findit account with a Findit address in your URL: Findit offers every member the option to have their unique address in Findit. These addresses are available under the Keyword URL tab at the bottom of the Findit site in the footer or from your Dashboard when your signed into your account. A Findit address is exactly that - your unique address on Findit.com.


Right Now posts can be done through the Findit website or on your mobile devices or from the Findit App.

About Findit, Inc.

Findit, Inc., owns Findit.com which is a Social Media Content Management Platform that provides an interactive search engine for all content posted in Findit to appear in Findit search. The site is an open platform that provides access to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines access to its content posted to Findit so it can be indexed in these search engines as well. Findit provides Members the ability to post, share and manage their content. Once they have posted in Findit, we ensure the content gets indexed in Findit Search results. Findit provides an option for anyone to submit URLs that they want indexed in Findit search result, along with posting status updates through Findit Right Now. Status Updates posted in Findit can be crawled by outside search engines which can result in additional organic indexing. All posts on Findit can be shared to other social and bookmarking sites by members and non-members. Findit provides Real Estate Agents the ability to create their own Findit Site where they can pull in their listing and others through their IDX account. Findit offers News and Press Release Distribution. Findit, Inc., is focused on the development of monetized Internet-based web products that can provide an increased brand awareness of our members. Findit, Inc., trades under the stock symbol FDIT on the OTC Pinksheets.

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