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Worship Artist XAVIER JOLLIFF Inks Management Deal With The Management Agency (TMA)

Worship Artist XAVIER JOLLIFF has inked a management agreement with The Management Agency (TMA).

Xavier Jolliff is an American Contemporary Christian singer, songwriter and musician.

As a teenager Xavier began writing lyrics and singing to family and friends. He became a member of the AARC Mass Choir in 2005 and recorded Gospel Music chart topper "I've Got a Testimony" which stayed at the top of the charts for weeks and won multiple awards.

His love for music transcends genres. At an early age he was able to play with Hip-Hop and R&B sensations Destiny's Child, R. Kelly, Chico DeBarge, Do or Die, Flavor Flav, Bobby Brown and Al B. Sure. After becoming a Ravinia Jazz Scholar he has played alongside jazz greats Ramsey Lewis, Willie Pickens, Charlie O'Neil, Ernie Adams and Rubin Alvarez.

After leaving the University of Minnesota where he successfully worked with the university's Gospel choir to much acclaim, Xavier returned to his hometown of Chicago and took a job teaching Gospel Choir at his alma mater, Gordon S. Hubbard High School. From there, he went on to teach at Hyde Park High School, earning his first major award for Best High School Choir.

In March 2018 Xavier performed a live audio and video recording of his debut album entitled Heart of Worship. He is currently putting the final touches on the album which is expected to be released in 2019.

Facebook: /xavier.jolliff
Twitter: @xavierjolliff

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