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Our Mooresville NC Year Round Pool Builders With CPC Pools Will Turn Your Dream Pool Into A Reality

As the year comes to a close, our Mooresville NC year round pool builders with Carolina Pool Consultants are still hard at work ensuring your dream pool becomes a reality. We provide the absolute best quality of service when it comes to concrete pool building in the Carolina’s: homeowners looking to build a pool, please reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable staff, and be sure to ask about new pool financing with our friends at Lyon’s Bank!

By working with concrete rather than fiberglass or vinyl pools, we’re able to design a truly one of a kind pool from the ground up, that’ll be the centerpiece of family memories for decades to come. Over the lifespan of the pool, concrete provides lower costs and by far more custom options than either a fiberglass pool or vinyl pool can provide.

Fiberglass pools are formed from a mold, immediately limiting design and custom options. As the fiberglass shell is shipped to homes from the factory it can develop hairline fissures which often aren’t recognized until the pool is sat into the ground.

While vinyl pools are initially cheaper than concrete pools, our Mooresville NC year round pool builders with CPC Pools still encourage homeowners to build with concrete, to avoid the recurring fees. Vinyl pools come with vinyl liner replacement fees, approximately $4000 every 3-8 years, which can actually diminish the value of a home in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Carolina Pool Consultants is proud and humbled to be trusted by thousands of families across the Carolina’s. Since concrete is poured onsite, we’re able to truly design and add any custom options and features you could ever wish for. Begin the design and construction of your new pool by speaking with our Mooresville NC year round pool builders today.