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Reach Out To CBD Unlimited For The Best CBD Dog Treats And CBD Pet Treats

CBD Unlimited has the best CBD dog treats for sale and pet treats for sale online- our clinically formulated cannabidiol is the purest CBD on the market. We take pride in the quality of our products and work tirelessly to ensure our furry family members get nothing but the best.

Phyto-Bites CBD dog treats are delicious peanut butter flavored CBD pet treats, each packed with 2mg of concentrated cannabidiol. All cannabidiol we use in our products is sourced from 100% certified pure hemp, tested thoroughly by third party laboratories to ensure both potency and purity is maintained.

By acting as an agent of homeostasis, CBD’s been shown to have a broad range of potential medicinal benefits throughout the body. Taken into the endocannabinoid system by CB1 and CB2 receptors within the central and peripheral nervous system, studies have shown CBD to act upon a wide range of base bodily functions.

While CBD is well associated with pain management and efficient pain relief, mitigating inflammation and minimizing separation anxiety are high upon the list of potential medicinal benefits. In fact, perhaps the best benefit of all is the little to no side effects associated with taking CBD whatsoever.

This holiday season we urge all pet owners to try our Phyto-Bites CBD dog treats for their pets to see the difference cannabidiol can provide. If your dog or cat acts out, suffers from joint pain or is overly hyperactive, our CBD dog treats may be able to help. Reach out today and discover all the potential medicinal benefits of CBD for yourself.