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Bento Lunch Box Company Discusses The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Plastics

Bento Lunch Box Company Discusses The Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Plastics

Kangovou, a bento lunch box company, recently released a blog discussing the top advantages of using eco-friendly plastics, such as those used in their bento lunch boxes. These advantages can benefit both the environment and your family's health in several ways, and you may want to consider swapping your traditional plastic containers for bento lunch boxes and other eco-friendly alternatives.

Several popular plastics have been known to cause health issues, particularly in children. BPA and HDPE may leach estrogen-like chemicals into food, which cause hormonal imbalances and reproductive harm. Styrofoam, or polystyrene, can leach styrene, a neurotoxin. Another popular plastic, PVC, is used in a wide range of products and can cause developmental delays. These products are not only harmful for your family. They can also be difficult to recycle and, when heated, can leach those same chemicals into the soil or water supplies, damaging our environment.

Biodegradable, eco-friendly plastics can protect the health of the environment and your family. These plastics are typically plant-based, helping avoid the dangerous additives and chemicals found in other types of plastic. They reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption during the manufacturing process and are recyclable or compostable, helping decrease the damage done to the environment while they are in use. Some eco-friendly plastics, such as hemp-based products, break down into nutrients that can actually provide additional benefits to the environment. These plastics are just as durable and lightweight as traditional boxes, making them an effective option for families to use.

Kangovou's bento lunch boxes are made of eco-friendly and BPA-free plastics. The boxes contain a sliding divider, allowing parents to pack multiple foods in the same container while maintaining organization and proper portion control. Thanks to the double-walled design, the stainless steel container keeps foods at the proper temperature without transferring heat to the outside of the box. They are ideal for busy families who need a simple, safe solution to the constant problem of storing and transporting multiple boxes for lunch each day. To purchase a small or large bento lunch box from Kangovou, visit https://www.kangovou.com/. The company is headquartered at 8311 Brier Creek Parkway, Suite 105-99, Raleigh, NC 27617.