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Northern VA Title Company Discusses Importance Of Mechanics Lien Claims

Northern VA Title Company Discusses Importance Of Mechanics Lien Claims

Mathis Title Company, a Northern VA title company, released a blog educating readers on the importance of mechanics lien claims for contractors. These lien claims can provide contractors and other workers with protections and benefits while they work.

Mechanics lien claims are designed to ensure that workers receive the agreed-upon payment for their services. Filing a claim of mechanic's lien can help these workers get paid if the client refuses to compensate them for their work. It guarantees payment for labor or materials provided on a remodeling, repair, or construction project, allowing the filer to pursue legal remedy by placing a lien against the owner of the property on which they worked. When the lien is attached to a property and not settled, a court can sell the property to collect the payment necessary. Settling the lien, while helpful in retaining property, can also be an expensive process if not dealt with immediately.

Mechanics liens can be helpful for workers who have been unfairly denied compensation for their work. However, they also present a problem for homeowners. If a financially irresponsible contractor chooses to place a lien on your property, you may be left without your home if you do not properly prepare for legal proceedings. A professional title company can help support homeowners through these proceedings, developing a defense to help protect your finances and your property. Certain liens may not be valid, particularly if the contractors may be at fault for the lack of payment due to breach of contract, and an attorney who specializes in real estate law can help determine the best course of action to prove the lien's invalidity.

Robin Mathis, an experienced attorney, can assist with the filing process of the claim and the steps following the filing. Mathis has years of experience in real estate law and performs each closing individually to ensure that her clients all receive personalized attention. Speak to Mathis at the Mathis Title Company for more information about your claims. She can be contacted online at https://www.mathistitle.com/ or by phone at 703-865-7880, and her offices are located at 11325 Random Hills road, Suite 160, Fairfax, VA 22030.