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Catch Layzie Bone And Bone Thugs N Harmony On The Puff Puff Pass Tour With Snoop Dogg

Layzie Gear and Bone Thugs N Harmony are up on that Puff Puff Pass tour, making waves and reminding the world who the real OG’s are. With Layzie Bone calling out the mumble rappers of today, you’ve gotta pay homage to whom made the game what it is. Lay down the love and the law with custom Bone Thugs N Harmony snapback hats from Layzie Gear.

Check your facts, Bone Thugs N Harmony paved the way for the hip hop industry as it is today. All the big names from the NWA, Outkast, true thugs who put in work respect the name and the hustle BTNH put up. Migos and all these younger rappers, they’re like a fire and fleeting. Nowhere near the impact Bone Thugs had on the game.

Head out to the Puff Puff Pass tour to catch a lit Bone Thugs N Harmony set, they’re out there reppin’ with Snoop Doggie Dogg, a true G. Show up with that Harmony Howse hat, Mo Murda shirt and the dopest Bone Thugs dog tag pendants for purchase- we’ve got the merch to cover all the street soldiers out there putting in work, just like BTNH did when they hustled to meet Eazy E for the first time.

Make sure they know what you’re about, show up in a Harmony Howse iced out pendant from Layzie Gear and be sure to rep it on the Puff Puff Pass tour to show your love. Bone Thugs N Harmony laid the brickwork for all the younger thugs to make their way to Thug Mansion. Pay homage and show that love by hitting up Layzie Gear today.