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Share Status Updates from Findit "Right Now" to Facebook Twitter and More Social Networking Sites

Findit, The Social Networking Content Management Platform That Provides Members The Ability To Share Their Status Updates Done On Findit to Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIN and More Social Networking Sites

Findit, Inc., a Nevada Corporation (OTC PINK: FDIT), is the owner of Findit.com, the inclusive Social Networking Content Management Platform that enables its members and visitors to share the content posted to Findit to your other social networking accounts to reach more people.

When you post updates in Facebook or do a Tweet in Twitter, your reach is limited to your friends and followers. In addition to the limitation of who can see your post or tweet, the algorithms on some sites even limit which of your friends and followers will see your posts, which reduces your audience even more. Some sites even limit the number of friends you can have.

That's weird, a social networking site that is set up to bring people together actually limits your popularity, and as we have come to find out they take members' data and sell it to generate revenue for their bottom line, and you don't get any of the money from the content you created and they profited from.

That being the case, many people and businesses on social networking platforms have a message they want to share with as many people as possible and the way these sites are set up - your reach is limited. Yes, the numbers may look good when you have 5,000 friends or 20,000 followers or even more, but of those friends and followers, how many of them actually see what you posted or tweeted?

Findit is different. Posts done in Findit are different - here are some of the differences. Findit gives its members and visitors to the site (they do not need to be members) the ability to reach more people in more places including search engines, that include Google two ways.

  1. Findit runs ‘Sharethis' on each of a member's Findit Right Now Status Updates, which allows anyone seeing the post the ability to share that post to any social accounts they have that are included in 'Sharethis' (approximately 80). Included in 'Sharethis' is Facebook (FB), Twittter (TWTR), LinkedIN (MSFT), Google + (GOOG) and lots more.
  2. Findit is open to all, which means content posted in Findit is crawled by outside search engines and can be indexed in search results.


These two features gives your posts the ability to reach anyone in the world that has access to the internet. This number is far greater than however many friends and followers anyone currently has. It also give anyone the ability to share your posts. To like a post, create your own post, or leave a comment on a post, one needs to sign in, but no one is required to sign in to see your posts or share your posts.

Findit will be rolling out its new Findit App for Android in the Google Play Store and on IOS in the Apple App Store. The App is currently in development and is being tested. Those who download the updated App will be given the option of creating an account within the app to post content in. However, people will have the option to download the app simply to browse and see content that is posted in Findit from current members without having to create an account. By providing the individuals who download the app the choice of how they want to use it, individuals can decide for themselves which way they feel more comfortable using the app, whether they want to create an account or use the app to browse content.

Google Play Findit App Download it Now

Apple App Store Findit App Download it Now

What can Members Include in Right Now Status Update in Findit?

Findit provides members with a content management dashboard that empowers them to create in-depth amazing content in each right now post. A Right Now post is a post that displays on the Right Now feed within Findit that can include the following:

  • Text (App and Web)
  • Pictures (App and Web )
  • Video (App and Web)
    • Revised App, which is not yet launched, will allow for 10 second Videos or a full length Youtube Video
    • Web allows Youtube Video
    • Web and App will display both in the Right Now feed.
  • A link (App and Web)
  • Audio File (Web)
  • News/Press Release (Web)
  • Scheduling (App and Web)
  • Sharing to other Social Sites non members and members (Web)
  • Sharing from your Findit Post to your other social accounts through API calls (App Version not yet available)
  • Privacy Settings (Coming to App and Web Version-Pick who sees your posts or make them available to anyone)

Members have the ability to post the Right Now status update instantly, back-date it to fill in their feed, or post-date it to become live in the future.

Top Stories are being posted in Findit and can be shared to reach more people.

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People Share the Personal Posts Sometimes to Share with friends and others what they are up to.


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Findit provides members with a great way to control their while building out their brand.

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Findit offers a place for everyone to create their content and share their story.

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Findit provides an outlet for every Business Owner the ability to get their content in front of their target audience. CBD is a very popular topic right now, CBD Unlimited keeps people up to date with daily posts in Findit.

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With Real Estate Listings and Vacation Rentals struggling for positioning to get their property noticed, adding your listings in a Right Now post helps to put your listing in front of the right people.

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Peter Tosto from Findit stated, "We think it is so important to provide our members with transparency in our social networking platform and let them know we do not sell their personal data. For people that want to reach more people and recognize that not everyone is everywhere, Findit should be added to your portfolio if you want to have your message seen and shared by more people."

Click Here to see live posts with 10 second videos from the upcoming new Findit App. These were done with the APK file for Android in beta.

Findit has reserved the following account for President Donald Trump Findit.com/potus

Customizing your Findit account with a Findit address in your URL

Findit offers every member the option to have their own unique address in Findit. These addresses are currently available under the Keyword URL tab at the bottom of the Findit site in the footer or from your Dashboard when your signed into your account. A Findit address is exactly that - your unique address on Findit.

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About Findit, Inc.

Findit, Inc., owns Findit.com which is a Social Media Content Management Platform that provides an interactive search engine for all content posted in Findit to appear in Findit search. The site is an open platform that provides access to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines access to its content posted to Findit so it can be indexed in these search engines as well. Findit provides Members the ability to post, share and manage their content. Once they have posted in Findit, we ensure the content gets indexed in Findit Search results. Findit provides an option for anyone to submit URLs that they want indexed in Findit search result, along with posting status updates through Findit Right Now. Status Updates posted in Findit can be crawled by outside search engines which can result in additional organic indexing. All posts on Findit can be shared to other social and bookmarking sites by members and non-members. Findit provides Real Estate Agents the ability to create their own Findit Site where they can pull in their listing and others through their IDX account. Findit offers News and Press Release Distribution. Findit, Inc., is focused on the development of monetized Internet-based web products that can provide an increased brand awareness of our members. Findit, Inc., is a non reporting public company that trades under the stock symbol FDIT on the OTC Pinksheets.

Safe Harbor:

This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), including statements regarding potential sales, the success of the company's business, as well as statements that include the word believe or similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Findit, Inc. to differ materially from those implied or expressed by such forward-looking statements. This press release speaks as of the date first set forth above, and Findit, Inc. assumes no responsibility to update the information included herein for events occurring after the date hereof. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated due to factors such as the lack of capital, timely development of products, inability to deliver products when ordered, inability of potential customers to pay for ordered products, and political and economic risks inherent in international trade.


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