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Real Estate Agents Can Differentiate Themselves From Other Agents By Including Findit In Their Marketing Portfolio

What is separating your listing appointments from your competitors? What is making you stand out when a seller is deciding who to list their property with? Are you showing your potential listing, what makes you different?

By including Findit as part of your online marketing strategy when you go on your listing appointment, you can separate yourself from most traditional agents that are out there.

Here is what you can now offer your potential clients when they list with you over another broker or agent.

With Findit Prime You Can:

1. Post your listings free in Findit in the real estate section of Findit. 

2. Create Right Now Posts that feature your listings that can include pictures and video and a link to your listing.

3. You can even go the extra distance to really create separation from other agents by including press releases highlighting the listing.

4. This is the clincher - you can create a Vanity URL for your Listing in Findit. A Vanity URL in Findit can be the address of the house so it is easy to find in Findit and also when it is indexed in Google.

Findit Prime comes with 4 press releases.

Here is an outline of how to utilize each Press Release in the Findit Prime Package for each listing.

1. Initial Press Release - Listing is coming. Include Pictures, Video and links to your website and Findit Page.

2. Press Release when Listing is hitting MLS - Include Pictures, Video link to your website and Findit Page

3. Press Release on Open House - Do this one a few days in advance so Google can index it. Be sure to include more pictures and video and be sure people know you are the listing agent. 

4. Press Release when it is sold.

Make sure that in every listing in Findit that you have as well as in each Press Release you include your name and contact information as well as a link to your website and your Findit Page.


- You separate yourself from other agents that are simply not willing to do a little more work to get the listing in front of more people.

- With every listing you do this with, you get more individual publicity as well in search and social.

How Much is Findit Prime?  $99.00

Would you pay $99.00 to get a listing over another agent?

Follow the link below and get one Findit Prime for each of your listings and separate yourself from the pack.