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Atlanta Georgia’s Number One Healthcare Equipment Service Contract Provider is BiTech Medical Corporation

Medical facilities in Atlanta Georgia that are looking for ways to improve patient care and subsequently patient health outcomes rely on BiTech Medical for the best healthcare equipment service contracts. We are Atlanta Georgia’s number one provider for medical device maintenance contracts in Atlanta and will help you improve patient care at your medical facility. Set up your new healthcare equipment service contract in Atlanta by calling us at 888-470-3720.

Medical facilities of all sizes have a commitment to providing exceptional quality patient care to their patients. When staff, doctors, RNs and other administrators are focusing on device maintenance and repairs, it can be difficult to juggle all of your patients’ needs, administrative tasks and keeping your systems up and running. With a device maintenance contract with BiTech Medical, all of your attention can go to your patients and we can handle your devices.

From smaller clinics to larger hospitals and everything in between, BiTech Medical can provide you with the quality device maintenance that you need. We will keep track of routine servicing, scheduled maintenance, as well as perform repairs as needed and replace your devices when they are no longer functioning or suitable for your hospital or clinic. We will maintain all of your devices so they are always working, especially when you need them most.

Call BiTech Medical Corporation today at 888-470-3720 to set up your new healthcare equipment service contract in Atlanta with us. Our biomed engineers are some of the best in the business and we can help you keep your systems up and running so you can improve patient care at your facility.