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Discover Superior Healthcare Medical Device Servicing Contracts Through BiTech Medical

BiTech Medical Corp provides superior medical device servicing contracts throughout the greater Atlanta area. Major healthcare facilities and smaller practices alike can benefit from our skilled equipment technicians, with the intricate knowledge needed to ensure your devices become as healthy as your patients.

By minimizing the need to replace your facility’s medical devices, it’s possible for business owners and private healthcare institutions to save tremendous amounts of money on overhead replacement costs. Unfortunately, replacement and equipment costs are a standard part of operating, however hospital boards and smaller practices could otherwise be using this freed up revenue to reinvest in internal infrastructure, their staff, new technologies and growing their business.

BiTech Medical provides same-day service calls throughout the greater Metro-Atlanta area- while businesses are free to schedule a servicing, if emergency strikes our technicians are on call and can be on site when needed most.

Businesses looking to acquire new biotechnologies and devices for their facilities can further benefit from savings through BiTech’s medical equipment sales agreements: with factory to consumer pricing, those whom are looking to specialize within the industry and corner their market will find massive savings on new equipment.

Speak with our staff at BiTech Medical today for all your medical device servicing and medical device replacement needs. Just as Doctors preach preventative care to their patients, we preach preventative maintenance in the form of regular device checkups provided through our medical device repair agreements.