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Biodegradable And Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods Available At Mugpods Ltd

Mugpods Ltd ( is a leading provider of Nespresso compatible pods in the United Kingdom. They do not only have a wide range of coffee pods for sale, but they also boast lower prices compared to other brands, allowing customers to save up to 40%. Because of this, their products are an excellent alternative to original Nespresso pods.

Mugpods Ltd sells exquisite coffee pods sourced from various farms throughout India, Vietnam, Uganda, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Vietnam. Their products are slow-roasted Italian style which delivers a wonderful taste and crema. Moreover, Mugpods Ltd offers their coffee pods in different intensities. In fact, they have the world’s double shot pod that has twice the caffeine.

All of their coffee pods are compatible with all current home Nespresso classic machines such as Le Cube, Essenza, Citiz, Pixie, Lattissima, and more. For the convenience of their customers, Mugpods Ltd has a guide on how to use these compatible pods on their website:

Aside from their quality, another great thing about these coffee pods is their recyclable containers. Mugpods Ltd understands the alarming problem caused by plastic pods since they require at least 500 years to degrade fully, and the micro plastics they leave behind pollute the environment. With that in mind, this reseller started using pods made with BPA free recyclable plastic since March 2019 for their hot chocolate range and Supremo coffee pods. By July 2019, the rest of their available products will be using the same recyclable packaging. According to them, “These pods use d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. Therefore, they’re recyclable and biodegradable (but cannot be composted). You can dispose of them in your ordinary plastic bin or in general waste”. Through this change, their coffee pods can help reduce waste and help preserve the environment. Customers can either put used pods in a recycling bag or return them to a Nespresso drop off point or boutique.

Mugpods Ltd does not have a minimum order value so customers can buy even a single box. A free delivery can be availed for purchases of more than ten boxes.

To see the complete list of their available coffee pods as well as their other product, visit their official website at

About Mugpods Ltd

Founded in 2015, Mugpods Ltd is a reseller of Podista pods in the United Kingdom. They boast a huge selection of Nespresso compatible hot chocolate pods, coffee pods, as well as kid poddies. Their high-quality products are available in different intensities and flavours, giving customers a lot of options to choose from depending on their preferences. Interested parties may give them a call at 0845 299 6024 to learn more. For questions or suggestions, send them an email thru or fill out their contact form at