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Cleveland Hospice Releases Blog Discussing Hospice Care For Veterans

AKRON, Ohio (Findit) May 15, 2019 - Harbor Light Hospice, a Cleveland hospice, recently released a blog educating readers on effective and compassionate hospice care for veterans. Veterans may face unique challenges at this stage in their lives, and informed care can give them a higher quality of life by allowing them to access important medical resources.

People nearing the end of their lives often face intense emotional, psychological, and physical distress. They may in pain because of their illness and struggling to come to terms with their diagnoses. Veterans often experience additional distress. They may show signs of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts, and higher levels of anxiety. Many veterans also struggle with remaining financially stable, and this can worsen their already-strained mental health. As a result, elderly veterans may find themselves feeling hopeless and alone despite their loved ones' best efforts at providing them with a more fulfilling life. In these instances, the professional services of a hospice care center can make an incredible difference in a veteran's life.

Hospice care can greatly benefit veterans who find themselves overwhelmed with the mental and physical stresses they face at this point in their lives. Hospice professionals, including doctors and therapists, can help veterans better understand their health and provide them with a range of techniques for living a comfortable life at this stage. They may provide new pain management options, access to therapy and support groups, and social activities. Families of veterans who need hospice care can find their own support networks and resources through the hospice facility as well, allowing them to become better sources of emotional support for their loved ones.

Speak to Harbor Light Hospice for more information about hospice care for veterans. Through a team of nurses, physicians, volunteers, therapists, and other medical professionals, Harbor Light can create an effective and customized care plan based on your loved one's needs. Harbor Light accepts VA, Tricare, Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, allowing more patients to access its services in an affordable manner. The hospice's Cleveland location is located at 677 H Alpha Drive, Highland Heights, OH 44143. You can contact Harbor Light by phone at 440-386-2500 or online at https://www.harborlighthospice.com/.