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Best Mobile App Ideas 2019

Mobile industry is becoming competitive with every passing day. With the number of mobile app downloads steadily increasing each year, it is predicted that by 2022, the number of app downloads will touch a whopping 258 billion. With the mobile app space growing at such an exponential rate, coming up with fresh and unique ideas for a mobile app can be a daunting task even if you have the necessary budget and expertise. Creating a unique app to capture the market is unforeseeably becoming a pressing issue. Bearing this in mind we have articulated a list of some unique and best mobile app ideas that can inspire you to launch a breakthrough startup and kick start your own mobile app business  

1.   Virtual Interior Design

Are you still pondering over the thought of buying the contemporary couch you came across during one of your e-window shopping but confused about the buy? Ever thought about being able to augment the furniture piece you are willing to buy before actually making the purchase? If your answer is a yes, you can easily step up the game with the help of AR technologies. For instance you can develop an app that helps augment furniture into your room before you make the final purchase. Also think about creating an interior design application that allows you to capture an image of your room and lets you experiment with different furnishing elements from wall colors to wall decals to flooring to curtains even ceiling lights. Get such a mobile app out in the market and help out a whole lot of other people stuck in the same boat as yours.

2.   Virtual Jewelry Try-On

Virtual Jewelry try on can be a game changer especially if your startups target market is fashion industry. Virtual jewelry leverages another base for augmented reality’s technological advancement. Think of an app where the user gets to try on jewelry by either uploading the photo in app or by augmenting the jewelry piece onto themselves before making a purchase decision. This feature guaranteed can increase your business ROI since prospect would be making an experiential purchase, and not a purchase merely based on visualization.

3.   Object Search by Photo

Since Google launched reverse image search, it has opened up a whole new avenue of technological advancement. Consider developing an app that lets you point camera at an object of your choice (also, lets you download object’s picture from the Internet) and enables you to click the ‘search’ button. In turn, you get a list of online stores where you can buy the object/tem from. Seems just like a perfect idea for an app startup.


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