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10 Post Challenge Get Indexed in Google

Read the latest on how to get more indexing and sharing for you and / or your business.
Findit 10 Post Challenge
Download the Findit App and do 10 posts from the App. Include search phrases you want to get indexed for in Google Search. Include at least one picture in each of the 10 posts. Under each picture you include in each post write a title. The title needs to be a phrase you want to index for in Google either for the picture or the post. 
By doing 10 posts which all can have a similar objective of wanting to index under a phrase in Google you more than likely will see the posts show up or the pictures from the posts in search results. 
Some Useful Tips:
If you are a business and you want to index for the services or products that you offer locally, include the name of the town/city you provide that service in and the name of the service or product. Be as specific as possible. By including more relevant information, Google can index you under more search variations. 
Include a back link in each post to a page you want to drive traffic to. Often what happens when a member includes a page to link to in Findit posts done on the app, those pages start to index higher and under more search phrases in search results. 
Anyone who does the 10 Post Challenge will receive a free Findit Vanity URL. 
If you want the URL first, send us your username and the URL you would like and we will add it to your account. You have 10 days to complete the 10 Post Challenge. Anyone who does will be able to keep the Findit Vanity URL free for one year. 
Have fun and get indexed for what you want to index for.