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Top Must Have Smart Home Gadgets For Techies

Looking for ways to simplify your life, add modern day convenience to your home, and create a level of sophistication that has your friends asking how you do it all? These are the Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets And Where To Buy Them

1) Digital Entry System - Our Favorite - The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

No one likes fumbling for keys when they are trying to get back into their homes, especially if your hands are full. And, you can forget about locking yourself out or remembering to lock the door. Smart digital entry systems offer high tech security with secret pin codes that can be given to visitors, friends, house cleaners and more. More advanced locks, like the Schlage Sense, automatically lock behind you and can be remotely controlled via a smart phone if you purchase a wifi adapter.

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2) Smart Security Camera / Security Light - Our Favorite - The Kuna Maximus Security Camera

Want to keep track of who is coming and going from your home? Live alone and want to see and speak with who is knocking at your door without opening it? Want to add that extra level of security to your property? Do it all with the Kuna Maximus Light Security Camera. Designed as an exterior light with 3 different designs to choose from, the Kuna Security Light Camera is a great way to protect your home and light up your entrance. With a two-way speaker, bight light,  easy to use app, and the ability to record on command, this device makes a great choice for techies and those wanting to secure their property.

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3) Smart Home Assistant - Our Favorite - Amazon Alexa -

You don’t know what you are missing until you use a smart home assistant and then no longer have one. It’s one of those devices you didn’t realize you needed until you finally bought one or had one given to you. Ask Alexa to help you set kitchen timers, cooking instructions, to play your favorite music or set a quick snooze alarm for that afternoon nap. She tells jokes and tells you when the turkey is done cooking. AND, depending what other smart devices you have in your home, Alexa can control those, too. The list goes on and on…. and is actually quite affordable.

There are several models available on Amazon, such as the Echo, the Echo Dot, and the Echo Show - all with the Alexa digital assistant. Pick out your favorite - be amazed.

4) Integrated Bathroom Fan Speaker - Our Favorite -  Home Networks Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fan.

Guys, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone loves some sort of music/podcast/tunes and no one likes that hot/sticky/steamy post-shower hotness that makes you feel like you are suffocating after you finish showering. With a bright LED day-light, blue night light and solid sound performance, this is the best exhaust fan for getting your jam on in the shower or tub and removing steam from the bathroom.

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5) Smart Shower System - Our Favorite - U by Moen -

Want to save the environment and upgrade your shower experience? U by Moen can start your shower at a pre-set temperature so you aren’t running the water for 2 minutes waiting for it to get hot while you undress. Moreover, you can start, stop and pause your shower with your voice? Seems unnecessary, when in fact once you have one, you will miss it when you’re away from home.

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