Atlanta 5/24/2019 3:50:00 PM
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Snapchat Users Snooped On By Snapchat Employees with ‘SnapLion Tool’

Users of Snapchat beware. Multiple reports are coming out that employees across multiple departments of Snapchat were able to view user location information, phone numbers, email addresses, and saved snaps through a tool known as ‘SnapLion.”

Motherboard spoke to a total of 5 people from snapchat, four former and one current employee who all confirmed the existence of SnapLion.

What is troubling about this new-found information is how easily and readily employees at Snapchat and across several departments were able to use the tool for unrelated, internal purposes such as dealing with spam and abuse on Snapchat.

No information has been released form Snap Inc at the time of publication on whether or not the abuse has occurred. However, should an investigation reveal abuse did happen, Snap Inc has said employees would be terminated.