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Whether you need money today or in the near future, Harbor Life Settlements helps you get the most money from selling your life insurance policy. Get the money you need now, and capture the value of your policy before it's too late.

"Selling a life insurance policy can pay seniors an average of 4 to 11 times more than what they would receive from the insurer for a surrendered policy." -US Government Accountability Office (2010) and the London Business School (2013). With numbers like that, it's hard to argue against selling your life insurance policy. Stop paying for overpriced and increasing premiums, chances are you already have everything you need to fund your retirement today.

Whether you need cash today or are getting nervous about rising insurance premiums, selling your life insurance with Harbor Life offers more benefits than allowing your policy to lapse as a result of rising costs or surrendering it to your insurer. This includes:

- Free underwriting with zero obligation.

- Dropping monthly expenses: you'll no longer have to pay monthly insurance premiums! Freeing up your money to take care of immediate and long term needs.

- Enhanced retirement: when you sell your life insurance policy you'll receive cash up front. Start enjoying your retirement today, with the money to ease any financial burden.

Harbor Life Settlements: Here at Harbor Life we connect qualified policy owners with licensed life settlement brokers and providers to get our clients the best bang for their buck and ease them into a peaceful retirement.

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