Atlanta 5/28/2019 6:03:25 PM
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‘Man’s Best Friend’ Crashes High School Graduation at Horseshoe Bend High School in Alabama

High School Graduation is a major milestone in the life of a high schooler, with many going off to college after the summer, joining the family business, starting a family, or jumping right into the work force. As with any graduation, cameras are at the ready as friends, family and the school takes photos of the graduation class, all dressed in the graduation gowns.

Logan Walls, a member of the Class of 2019 at Horseshoe Bend High School in Alabama, lives within walking distance of the school. His family pet, Charlie the dog, frequented the campus. It just so happens that on graduation day, Charlie decided to make his regular appearance, except this time, mother nature calls, and he photobombs the High School Graduation Photo as he relieves himself by ‘watering the plants’ just as the photo was taken.

In the photo*, you can see many different expressions from the graduating class, including Logan who has his hand up to his face and several other students laughing in amusement.

*Photo can be found online