Atlanta 5/29/2019 2:09:17 PM
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Drowning Man With Swastika Tattoo Saved By Four Jewish Teens In Massachusetts

On May 17, 2019, a body was spotted floating in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir in Massachusetts by four Jewish teens. The teenagers, who all attend a Yeshiva high school in Brighton, were walking past the reservoir at just the right moment and spotted the body.

Carl Mascioli, a Boston College police officer, was approaching the scene when two of the teenagers quickly approached him and told him there was a body in the water.

As the officer rushed down the hillside and pulled the man from the water, he noticed the Anti-Semitic symbol, a Swastika, on the victim’s hand and felt that the teenagers should know about it.

Mascioli has said that he probably would not have been the victim on his own and credits the teens with saving the man’s life.