Atlanta 5/29/2019 5:59:15 PM
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Mount Everest Death Toll Rises To 11 People With Growing Overcrowding Concerns

Another climber has died after reaching the summit of Mount Everest, bringing the death toll for the 2019 climbing season to 11 people.

Overcrowding of the mountain has contributed to the death toll with reports coming out now of climbers passing other climbers who did not make it along the way.

The most recent death was that of Christopher John Kulish, age 62, who had reached the top of the mountain on the Nepalese side. On his return to base he died, after seeing “his last sunrise from the highest peak on earth. At that instant, he became a member of the ‘7 Summit Club’ having scaled the highest peak on each continent,” the statement read from the family of the Colorado resident.

Another family confirmed the death of one of their relatives who also scaled the mountain around the same time as Christopher. The Australian family noted that 64 year old Ernst Landgraf died on Thursday after “fulfilling his dream of scaling Everest”, according to the funeral announcement.

Overcrowding is not the only problem that climbers are experiencing as they scale Everest. Other causes for concern are lack of experience, difficult weather conditions and the growing number of companies offering expeditions up the mountain.