Atlanta 5/30/2019 3:24:18 PM
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Panama City Florida High School Teacher Could Face Disciplinary Action After Writing ‘WTF is this?’ On Student’s Homework

A high school teacher in Panama City Florida is under fire after sending home a student from her classroom with the words ‘WTF is this?’, with ‘wtf’ meaning what the f***” on the homework assignment.  

The mother said that she understood that her son would not receive credit for an incorrect homework assignment, but felt that the profanity was “inappropriate and not acceptable.”

Smith feels that the teacher should be reprimanded for the misconduct and that something should be placed in her file.

The principal of Rutherford High School where the incident took place said that district officials were looking into the madder and would take necessary steps to resolve the issue, however, the nature of any consequences that are to come of the incident would be kept private.