Atlanta 5/30/2019 6:02:27 PM
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Tourist Boat Sinks After Colliding with Luxury Passenger Boat On The Danube

A Hungarian tourist both with South Korean tourists on board has sank after colliding with a luxury passenger boat on the Danube in Budapest. There were 33 tourists on board and two Hungarian crew members and to date, 7 South Koreans are confirmed dead with 21 missing.

Pal Gyorfi, a spokesman for the Hungarian national ambulance service, told the M1 state broadcaster, "I wouldn't say there is no hope, rather that there is a minimal chance (of finding survivors)."

The smaller boat carrying the South Korean tourists collided with the larger, luxury river cruise boat, the Viking Sigyn and immediately turned onto its side and sank within seconds, which took place under a bridge right near the Hungarian Parliament.