Atlanta 5/31/2019 12:20:52 PM
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Volvo Issues Recall On Some S60 Sedans For The 2019 Year Model That Were Assembled At Berkeley Co. Plant

Volvo has announced today that some of its 2019 S60 Sedans could be impacted by the recall. The vehicles included were manufactured at the Berkeley Co Plant between September 2018 and April 1 2019.

The reason for the recall is the rear suspension toe link flange lock nuts may have not been tightened enough which could result in sudden change in how the vehicle handles when in motion.

The official recall campaign is slated to begin June 21 with Volvo beginning to reach out to Volvo owners. Owners of cars affected will be able to have the issue fixed, free of charge at their local dealership.

For questions, owners can reach Volvo Customer Service at 800-458-1552, with a recall notice number of R19938.