Atlanta 6/10/2019 2:14:43 PM
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Honda Recalls 2017-18 Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle For Defective Cooling System Part

Honda announced last month that 1,082 Clarity Fuel Cell vehicles were being recalled due to a defective cooling system part. The models affected were all produced between 2017 and 2018 and were all sold in California.

The recall issue is specific to an electric water pump that wasn’t properly treated for corrosion. What happens over time that if the component becomes corroded it would potentially result in a low-pressure warning for the system. When this happens, the vehicle may be able to be driven for a short distance on reduced power but then the vehicle would shut down.

Fast Recall Facts:
Model Year 2017: 911
Model Year 2018: 171
Build Dates: 2017-FEB 28, 2018
New 2019 Models: Unaffected

Honda USA continues to bet on the long-term adoption of fuel cell vehicles and is one of the only manufactures that offers fuel-cell vehicles to consumers for purchase.