Atlanta 6/12/2019 3:53:09 PM
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Delta One Retrofit Coming To Boeing 767-400 Aircraft As Early As November 2019

Delta has already begun flying its newest Delta One Suites that are installed on the new A350 Aircraft. Passengers can enjoy these suites on select routes on the A350 from Detroit and Atlanta and on certain routes that have retrofitted 777s.

Delta has now announced that the retrofitting of the 767-400 aircraft could happen as early as November 2019, with the potential to be ahead of schedule. While the 767-400 will not receive the same “suite” status, the new retrofit will bring Delta One on the 767-400’s to ‘flagship status’.

Delta believes that the “suite” moniker applies specifically to its seats that contain a closable door - the 767-400 seats, while they will have a privacy divider between seats in the middle and a “wing” divider from the aisle, they will not have a functioning door.  

Seats can be booked using miles, transferred points from credit card programs such as American Express, or with cash, however, flights out of Atlanta on international routes are typically steep, often in the $8,000-$12,000 range depending on purchase date, route demand and more.