Fairfax 6/13/2019 4:31:41 AM
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Green Tech Talk Discusses Renewable Energy Trends For 2019

Fairfax, Virginia (Findit) May 29, 2019 - Researchers at Green Tech Talk recently released a blog discussing the top five renewable energy trends to look out for in 2019. These developments in renewable energy represent a major step forward in facilitating the widespread use of renewable energy in our communities.

In 2019, consumers can expect to see some significant changes in renewable energy. Energy storage, long a difficult problem, is becoming easier thanks to improved lithium ion batteries and pumped storage, which uses water to power generators on cloudy or windless days. Blockchain technology can be used to further offset energy shortages by allowing companies, investors, and consumers to seamlessly trade energy when they have too much on hand. Microgrids can be used to power cities and rural communities alike, providing off-grid energy during blackouts or in remote locations. Artificial intelligence can work with microgrids to help manage energy flow, improve performance, and adapt systems to conditions within the community, making renewables more affordable. Finally, consumers can expect more cities to join the 100 U.S. communities that have already committed to using 100% renewable energy for their power needs.

Staying up to date on renewable energy news can help you become a more informed consumer and a driver of change in your community. As renewable energy technology continues to improve and grow, you may be able to begin integrating some new resources into your own life to help combat climate change. You might also consider recruiting neighbors to promote green energy initiatives in your own community to help bring down energy costs and make a bigger impact on the environment. Your early adoption and support can be the defining factor in helping others understand and rally behind these initiatives.

To get more information about trends in renewable energy and how you can support these initiatives, visit Green Tech Talk's website. Green Tech Talk promotes renewable energy education and discussion about common sources of renewable energy, such as solar and wind, as well as relatively new technologies like cold fusion. The organization can be contacted online at https://www.greentechtalk.com/.