NY 6/15/2019 7:44:26 PM
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Australia's First Online Radio/Podcast Station Launches As Apple Announces iTunes Closure

New Podcast Concept Station "Elevate Radio" To Help Podcasters And Musicians

A new online radio/podcast hybrid station launched on Tuesday as Apple ironically announced the closure of iTunes.

Elevate Radio partner, Shayne Locke, said "when we announced the launch of Elevate on social media there was an immediate concern that the closure of iTunes would mean that the station would not actually eventuate however the initial announcement failed to mention that a new Apple Podcast app would be made available."

According to sources like The Wall Street Journal, Podcasts brought in $479 Million in advertising revenue last year, an increase of 53% previous years, and estimates are that by 2020 it will over $1 Billion.

"Do you think Apple is just going to throw that baby out with the bath water? Not a chance," Mr Locke continued. "Apple is creating a brand new Apple Podcast App proving that podcasts are alive and well."

Elevate Radio, the concept of business partners Shayne Locke and Anna Feldman, is a music and podcast online radio station that produces and distributes podcasts, and is also working with other radio networks and stations to demonstrate the bridge that can exist between traditional radio and podcasts.

Providing a distribution portal for new and existing podcasts allows Elevate Radio and it's podcasters to leverage off one another with marketing and group advertising buying power.

However podcasts isn't where the advertising revenue stops, as Elevate announced they are also looking for ways to match musicians with potential advertisers and sponsors.

Mr Locke explained that it is unfortunate that with the closure of Apple iTunes, the ones suffering most are the independent musicians however we are looking at possible alliances between advertisers and musicians to make music more sustainable through sponsorship."

"Elevate Radio is not just a podcast station, it is also a music station and we are dedicated to helping the independent music scene. This is the future of audio and we are excited to be part of that new vision."

Elevate Radio can be heard at http://elevateradio.online
For more information, copies of the singles or to arrange interviews please contact: Shayne Locke on +61410077009 or shayne@elevateradio.online