Modesto 6/20/2019 2:41:46 PM
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Special-Needs Teacher Dies Rock Climbing In Yosemite National Park

Patricia “Trish” Stoops, 57, was a teacher at Norman N. Glick Middle School in Modesto California. She was rock climbing with a team in Yosemite National Park and had taken the lead to try and get the team down before dusk. Something went horribly wrong and she fell, causing a fatal blow to her head.

Michael Stoops, her brother, wrote online, “She had taken the lead to get the team down before dark and something, what exactly still isn’t clear, went horribly wrong. She did not survive the fall, unfortunately. No one else was injured.”

Touching tributes are pouring in from “The Mountain Project” where people are sharing loving memories of the teacher who, “[had a] heart of gold”.

Some of the posts made on the tribute page state: “I never met a climber more dedicated to supporting our tribe than Trish. She selflessly gave of her time, leading skills, friendship, and humor to anyone in the vicinity. Funny, spontaneous, gregarious, and sincere, Trish made an impression on anyone she met.”

“She was a unique human being, spreading good vibrations around the Universe,” wrote a fellow climber. Another said, “Goodbye to my dear 20 year climbing friend. I will miss your adventures spirit. You were sometimes scary, always unique, inclusive, and kind. Always ready to stand up for the underdog and to help people in need.”

One of Trish’s friends Jamey Olney sent Yahoo Lifestyle the link to a GoFundMe Page that was set up by Trish herself. The GoFundMe Page which is called The H.O.P.E Project, found here, was set up to help middle school students build homes in Mexico, to date has raised $2,430.