Atlanta 6/27/2019 12:23:14 PM
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Widow Of Worker Found Dead In SunTrust Park Beer Cooler Sues Atlanta Braves

Angela Keeling is suing the Atlanta Braves in a wrongful death lawsuit after her husband, Marvin Todd Keeling, died in the walk-in beer cooler at Suntrust Park.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday in Fulton County and is seeking unspecified damages in the death of her husband. The lawsuit alleges that the walk in beer cooler had a faulty door mechanism that prevented Keeling from escaping the cooler. This, along with lethal carbon dioxide leaks were the primary causes for her husband’s death.

Her lawyers claim that the Atlanta Braves were aware of both of these issues but never corrected them, resulting in the unfortunate series of events that killed her husband.

The autopsy report for Todd Keeling stated, “[his] fall/collapse was very rapid or that he was so disoriented that he was unable to form or act on logical thought process” The report goes on to read that because of a a “faulty door release mechanism that was improperly constructed, assembled, maintained and allowed to exist.”

At the time of publication, the Atlanta Braves have not responded to the incident. Beth Marshall, who is one of the team’s spokespersons said that no formal statement will be released yet pending “ongoing litigation”.