Bangalore 6/27/2019 4:11:16 PM
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SalaryHood Launches Consumer Facing Website

27th June 2019, San Francisco :  SalaryHood a Successful consultant for leading recruiters has opened its research and salary data in digital format, having compiled more than 6 million individual Salary Data across 3 countries has come with a consumer facing product, This way anyone and everyone can know the in-depth analysis of compensation trends and salary reports of various job profiles. offers both HR-reported aggregate market pay data and traditional compensation survey data. Our CompAnalyst Market Data delivers accurate, up-to-date market pricing information for more than 5,000 unique job titles in 3 countries( USA,UK and India), as well as hard-to-find data items like hot job pricing data, long- and short-term incentive data, and embedded public executive proxy data. Our survey library includes data from more than 7,300 organizations across 19 industries and 3 countries and becoming the worlds top data providers.

About Us :

Salaryhood is the leading recruitment community, connecting job seekers and recruiters with answers regarding salaries, interview questions and future opportunities for the job position. Salaryhood focuses on providing the job seekers and recruiters with compensation data, software, consulting and qualification required for the job. From last 3 years, we are helping job seekers to understand their right compensation and also helping HR and recruiters to hire highly skilled employees for their organizations with smarter pay decisions.

We attract more than 100k job seekers on our portal by helping them to realize their salary scale across United States , United Kingdom and India.

We are proud partner of StackMyJob network.