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Establish A Relationship with Pelmor Lane To Buy Or Sell Wholesale CBD Products Online

Pelmor Lane is the online CBD Marketplace Exchange, where buyers and sellers connect to buy and sell the CBD products that they want. Pelmor Lane offers a verified marketplace for sellers to list CBD Isolates, CBD Distillates, CBD THC Free Distillates, CBD Oils, as well as Nano Water Soluble CBD Products for sale. To list your products for sale on Pelmor Lane or to make a purchase of CBD Products that are listed for sale on Pelmor Lane, you must first establish a relationship with us.

Oftentimes in the exchange process of buying and selling CBD Products, the transaction can fall through. This is because sellers either don’t have the true quantity they have when advertising wholesale bulk listings or buyers don’t have their financials in line to make bulk order purchases. Other-times, buyers are really acting as brokers or agents and in the mix, the transaction falls through.

At Pelmor Lane, we establish a relationship with each and every party that wants to conduct business on our online marketplace. You may get in touch with us at brian@pelmorlane.com or call 859-338-5670 to get started. By verifying each seller and vetting each buyer, when transactions begin to take place, the process goes smoothly with us handling the transfer of funds from buyer to seller and delivery information to the seller for the buyer.

Sellers much provide pertinent information on their products such as a COA, quantity, and location of the goods. Buyers must provide proof of funds, contact information, as well as delivery information. We vet each party on our site to that everyone benefits from the transaction, down to the growers and the labs.

Call Pelmor Lane today to establish your relationship with us as a buyer of seller of CBD products for our online CBD Marketplace Exchange at 859-338-5670.