New York 7/25/2019 4:58:25 PM
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Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in New York City Jail Cell

Jeffrey Epstein, 66, was found on the floor of his jail cell with bruises on his neck earlier this week while he was held, awaiting trail on sex trafficking charges. At the time of publication, it is unclear as to whether or not the injuries were self inflicted or from an assault from another person in the correction center. 

Epstein was treated for his injuries but remains in custody at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in NYC. 

It is also unclear as to whether or not Epstein had any cellmates while he awaits his trial at the time of injury. The particular jail he is in, is famous for its tight security and high-profile inmates, such as terrorists, Wall Street schemers, and even Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin “el Chap’ Guzman.

Guzman is currently awaiting trial after being accuses of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls in the early 2000s. Bail was denied last week with the reasoning being Epstein may flee the country if released.