Yellowstone National Park 7/26/2019 4:15:21 PM
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Bull Bison Tosses 9 Year Old Girl Into The Air At Yellowstone National Park After Being Crowded In On By Tour Group of 50 Visitors

A wild bull bison charged and tossed a nine year old into the air at Yellowstone National Park. The incident took place near the Observation Point Trail near Old Faithful. The girl, who has since been released from the hospital, was treated at Wyoming’s Old Faithful Clinic.

Park officials have stated that the investigation is on-going, but notes that wildlife should be even plenty of space to avoid any dangerous confrontations, such as this incident. Bison should be given 25 feet at a minimum, and when the incident occurred, witness report a distance of 5-10 feet being observed.  

Commenters on Twitter have expressed concern for the wellbeing of the girl, while others have accused the group of acting irresponsibly by being so close to a wild animal, especially one of that size.