Brookyln 7/26/2019 5:47:13 PM
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Man Who Is Accused Of Dousing NYPD Officers with Water Arrested

New York City Police have made an arrest in regards to the viral video that shows NYPD officers being doused with buckets of water. The man in question, Courtney Thompson, 28, was arrested on Wednesday for disordered conduct, harassment and other charges said the department.

Thomson was the man seen in the viral video dousing two police officers on a Brooklyn Street during. In a second clip that surfaced following the initial video, two different officers appear to get drenched in a separate incident while they were making an arrest in Harlem. From the video, it appears one of the officers was struck in the head when the water was being poured onto him.

The investigation is on-going and police are still seeking additional suspects in both cases.