Atlanta 8/1/2019 4:38:49 PM
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Volkswagen Announces Recall of 28,000 CC and Tiguan Vehicles Over Airbag Module Issues

Volkswagen is recalling nearly 28,000 vehicles which includes the CC Model and the Tiguan SUV. The affected vehicles are: 2015-2016 Tiguan (March 12, 2015-December 19, 2015) and 2015-2016 CC (May 6, 2015 and December 17, 2015).

The recall is over the airbag control module which tells the airbag what to do and when. Because the airbag control model has a faulty capacitor, it can cause the airbag to function incorrectly, or not at all, or when not necessary.

Volkswagen receives its first notice of a single field case in late 2017. Following the first case, another case came in 2018 and the supplier ZF/TRW found something was amiss. a third case was reported in late 2018 and Volkswagen then decided the defect was worth a recall.

Affected vehicles will be repaired at the dealership but the fix is more complex than other problems. Technicians will provide a software update to the vehicles to determine if the capacitor is defective and if it is, Volkswagen will replace the module.

Consumers should check to see if their Volkswagen is included in the recall by calling their local Volkswagen Dealer. If your airbag light comes on consumers should also contact their dealership right away.