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NorCal GCX Is The Standardized Marketplace For The Hemp And Cannabis Industry

NorCal GCX is a global commodities exchange network offering an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of cannabis and hemp to conduct business. We offer a variety of value added services and focus on supply chain optimization and business development. Discuss your needs with us today by emailing us at info@norcalgcx.com or call 415-475-9180.

NorCal GCX offers a variety of services to businesses in the Hemp and Cannabis industry. We provide an exchange for members to join and list their inventory they have available to sale to  buyers.

Here is a brief overview of each of the services we provide.

Commodities Exchange
Our marketplace is changing the way companies buy and sell hemp based products via central hubs that create a safe portal for commodities exchange.

Supply Chain
NorCal Account Executives and Distributors directly service client needs, with ‘Seed to Bank’ Solutions

Banking Services
Our banking services, which are through the portal for compliance, open the doors to Industry Standards, investor capital and much more.

Ancillary Services
NorCal offers Financial Services, insurance Legal, Accounting, Tier-1 Lending, Project Financing, Equipment Leasing, Staffing, Payroll and Beyond.

NorCal GCX - is the NextGen MarketPlace powered by AIBOS, a Scalable Omni-channel eCommerce software with flexible configurations to create integrated POS and Online Stores. Norcal GCX is a complete eCommerce suite, comes packed with a range of practical business features with a very limited requirement for any additional plugins integration.

For more information, reach us at 415-475-9180 or email info@norcalgcx.com