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SMARTdesks Smart Collaborative Workstations Help Improve Productivity

SMARTdesks has a wide variety of collaborative conference tables, collaboration workstations and even collaborative classroom furniture that can help improve learning, engagement, and discussion in a multitude of settings. With more than two decades of experience designing and manufacturing collaboration furniture, we build our furniture to meet your unique requirements of your space that are designed to foster powerful, productive group experiences.

The modern office, classroom, media center, or conference room needs to have multi-purpose furniture that is designed for a variety of uses. With office spaces being built and designed around multiple purposes and classrooms often being used to teach a variety of subjects, having collaborative workstations that can be reconfigured to unique specifications and feature integrated technology is a great way to future-proof your space as well as provide users of collaborative workstations with the tools they need to improve productivity.

Many of our collaborative workstations that have integrated technology feature our flipIT technology where laptops or computer screens fold away and only flip into place when needed. This allows online connectivity on a case-by-base basis and allows the workstations to be used as traditional writing desks or conference tables when needed.

Call SMARTdesks today to discuss your ergonomic collaborative workstation needs with us at 800-770-7042. We have designed our furniture with your business, classroom, government facility or multi-purpose office in mind and many of our tables, workstations and collaborative conference tables come in different sizes to meet your specific needs.