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Shop Novelty Bitch Bags For Sale Online from Twisted Wares

Twisted Wares is the edgy kitchen wares online shop that also offers novelty bitch bags for sale along with other popular items such as jewelry, aprons, cocktail napkins and more. Our bitch bags feature hilariously funny catchphrases, graphics, and other texts and are great for all your shit from cosmetics and makeup to charging cables and all the other shit you want to throw in. Shop our novelty bitch bags collection online today and call 214-491-4911 for help with your order.

Our bitch bags offer a zipper style enclosure and are fully vinyl lined because somethings things get A LITTLE sticky. Measurements of our bitch bags are approximately 10.5” x 7.5” with a gusseted bottom.

Some of our best selling bags are “Dainty as Fuck”, “I’M A GROWN ASS WOMAN - I do what I want”, “Absofuckinlutely”, and  “I LIKE MY MASCARA AS BLACK AS MY SOUL”. Our bitch bags are perfect as a novelty gift for your funny friend, family member or neighbor or even for yourself. These bags are high quality, durable, and great on the go to hold all the shit that you need,

Order our novelty bitch bags for sale online today and grab your favorites. Our bitch bags are hilariously funny and will be the center of attention whenever you whip them out. We have a wide selection to choose from with funny graphics, catchphrases and more so you can find your favorites easily. For help with your order, reach us at 214-491-4911.