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Join The Self Regulating Cannabis And Hemp Marketplace NorCal GCX As A Verified Party

NorCal GCX is a self regulating cannabis and hemp marketplace that caters to every party within the hemp and cannabis supply chain, including: farmers, extraction laboratories, accountants and attorneys, bottlers and labelers, as well as buyers and sellers of cannabis and hemp products including wholesale quantities of isolate, distillate, crude CBD, and nano water soluble CBD products. Become a verified member of our CBD marketplace exchange by calling us today at 859-338-5670.

NorCal GCX aims to eliminate the issues that arise within the exchange process of buying and selling cannabis and hemp products. At any given point between the buying and selling or products whether it is between a farmer and a wholesale buyer, an extraction lab selfing to buyers, or another transaction between two buyers, inevitably one of the two parties is acting as a broker or agent that is representing either the buyer or seller.

In some situations, the agent could be representing the farmer who is selling wholesale CBD products to a lab or consumer. In other situations, the farmer is trying to sell crude CBD products to the consumer, and the consumer is really an agent. In both scenarios, the agent is usually looking for information to compare prices if he or she is representing the buyer. If the agent is representing the lab or farmer, oftentimes they have to “verify” quantity with the farmer or lab, who ended up already selling their inventory.

Because NorCal GCX requires verification and validation of who each party is, no agents or brokers get in the way. NorCal GCX, the online marketplace exchange for buyers and sellers of cannabis and hemp products does not allow agents or brokers; we help facilitate positive and successful transactions where individual buyers and sellers get to engage directly with one another.

To become a verified party on NorCal GCX please call 859-338-5670.