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NorCal GCX Connects Verified Buyers and Sellers of Cannabis and Hemp Through Our Online Marketplace Exchange

Join the growing community of buyers and sellers of cannabis and hemp products online on NorCal GCX the online CBD marketplace exchange for a variety of cannabis and hemp products. We verify and vet all farms, labs, accountants, attorneys, bottlers, labelers, and buyers and sellers to create a verified portal of authenticated parties without brokers or agents. To become a verified party on NorCal GCX please call 859-338-5670.

Inevitably in the buying and selling of CBD products, buyers and sellers come across other “buyers” or “sellers” in the transaction process that are really agents or brokers. What happens on the buying side of the CBD transaction is actual buyers of CBD products who think they are interacting with the lab or farm are corresponding with an agent that has to “verify” product availability or quantity. The transaction falls through when the actual farm or lab does not have the product needed by the actual buyer.

On the seller side of the CBD transaction process, farmers looking to sell their products to buyers are interacting with agents that are really just fishing for information such as price, quantity, location to compare one farm with another.

In both situations, real buyers and sellers of CBD products end up losing firstly because the transaction fails to take place and secondly the overall impression of the CBD industry is tarnished by the middle man.

NorCal GCX aims to end the issues with agents and brokers by verifying and vetting every party on our online marketplace exchange where no brokers or agents are allowed.

To become a verified party on NorCal GCX please call 859-338-5670