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Twisted Wares Sells Funny Novelty Hang Tight Towels For Sale Online

Twisted Wares, home to a wide selection of funny novelty kitchen wares items such as hang tight towels, kitchen aprons, cocktail napkins and more, has a great selection of hilariously funny hang tight kitchen towels. With funny graphics, comics, or text, our hang tight towels are perfect for anyone with a sense of humor. Shop our extensive collection online today and call 214-491-4911 for help with your order.

Our hang tight towels feature our patent pending hang tight technology, where you simply hang the towel on whatever bar, rack, pull handle, or even belt and slip the bottom of the towel through its patent pending loop. Now, your hang tight towel will hang tight to whatever you have draped it over. No more dropped kitchen towels when you are cooking or running about - our towels hang tight no matter how often they are tugged, pulled and used.

What makes our kitchen towels so great is the unique designs, comics and graphics on them. Not only are they made of high quality materials, but they surely make a statement wherever they are hung. Some of our fan favorites are “Ask me about my cat” and “balls deep in Christmas”

Shop our collection of funny novelty hang tight towels for sale online today. With our huge selection of unique kitchen towels, you can find the perfect one(s) for yourself, friends and family. For assistance with your order, please call 214-491-4911.