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Verified Hemp Extraction Labs Can Connect With Other Verified Buyers and Sellers of Hemp Through NorCal GCX

NorCal GCX is the growing marketplace exchange for hemp extraction labs bringing together buyers, sellers, extraction labs, farmers and other parties - all of whom have been verified that they are who they claim to be. We have established our marketplace exchange as a safe and secure portal where agents and brokers can not misrepresent themselves in the transaction process and end up forcing the deal to fall through.

In many cases, extraction labs that are looking to reach sellers of hemp products for extractions end up dealing with brokers or agents that are misrepresenting themselves to the lab as the seller, when in reality these people are simply fishing for information on the lab and gathering information such as price to bring to their potential sellers or compare them with other labs. This creates false hope for the lab believing they have a sale as a result of misrepresentation, which overall hinders the industries perception from the public when it comes to the CBD industry as a whole.

The same is true for labs that are looking to reach buyers of hemp products from the labs. The people they are in contact with may be acting as agents or brokers, not the buyer, simply fishing for information about the quantity and price of products to compare with other labs.

By becoming a verified hemp extraction lab, you can gain access to our growing portal of other verified buyers and sellers. Start the verification process today; NorCal GCX will send a representative to your lab to collect pertinent information, take photos, and help you get your lab listed within our portal.