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Become A Verified Cannabis Extraction Lab On NorCal GCX Call 415-471-9180

NorCal GCX, the online marketplace exchange that connects verified buyers and sellers of cannabis products with verified extraction labs, is looking to grow our cannabis extraction lab base. We help facilitate positive transactions by connecting real labs with real buyers and sellers, not agents or brokers who are misrepresenting themselves in the transaction process.

Oftentimes what happens in the buying and selling of cannabis products, cannabis extraction labs are contacted by agents or brokers representing either buyers of cannabis products that have gone through the extraction process or sellers of cannabis products in need of extraction services. When this happens, these agents are often misrepresenting themselves as the buyer or seller, simply fishing for information to compare one lab with another lab. This creates false hope for the lab believing they have a sale as a result of misrepresentation, which overall hinders the industries perception from the public when it comes to the CBD Hemp and Cannabis industry as a whole.

NorCal GCX has set in place a self regulating marketplace that only caters to vetted extraction labs and buyers and sellers of cannabis products, eliminating the middle man in between. This includes the real investors who were previously going through a middle man or broker to the extraction lab facilities and to the end user of the derived cannabis products; all of these business owners and individuals can now access the Extraction Lab’s products right through the GCX Exchange, which is powered by Podio.

Contact NorCal GCX today at 415-475-9180 to start the verification process and become a verified cannabis extraction lab within our growing marketplace exchange.