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Shop High Quality Novelty Cross Back Aprons For Sale Online From Twisted Wares

Aprons are a functional necessity in the kitchen, but they also can sport some comic relief! Shop high quality novelty cross back aprons for sale online from Twisted Wares. All our our novelty kitchen aprons feature our cross back design which is both more functional for any body type and doesn’t have the weight of the apron placed upon the neck.

We designed our cross back aprons with every body type in mind. They are easy to put on and once you have the straps adjusted to your liking, simply tie the apron around and across your back and enjoy the relief of not having your apron hug tight around your body, upon your chest and have the weight around your neck.

All of our novelty kitchen aprons feature hilariously funny comics, graphics, and text and some of our most popular cross back aprons are “Cluster Fork”, “I Rub My Own Meat”, “ Master Baker”, and “I Put Out For Santa”!

Get hilariously funny cross back novelty aprons for sale online today at Twisted Wares. We are constantly updating our inventory and stock so check back often if your favorite cross back apron is out of stock and be on the look out for new aprons!