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Palmetto Harmony's Industrial Hemp Derived CBD Hemp Oils And CBD Products Are Scientifically Formulated

Palmetto Harmony is the leading provider of high quality hemp extracted CBD hemp oil and pure cannabidiol based products. Our massive digital catalog of scientifically formulated cannabidiol products have been changing lives and helping many of our customers to find their own inner harmony.

Our story starts with a little girl, who suffered from severe seizures. Little Harmony and her family found that pharmaceuticals were having little to negligible effects on the seizures, and her mother knew there had to be another way. After introducing pure CBD hemp products to her daily intake, little Harmony’s doctors saw a 90% reduction in her seizures, and 80% reduction in pharmaceutical intake.

It is our mission to provide you with the purest, best cannabidiol experience possible. Whether it be our CBD hemp oils, cannabidiol pet products, psorian cream or even full spectrum CBD hemp capsules, all of the hemp we use in our products comes right here from the USA. Farmed in South Carolina, the hemp we use is tested thoroughly by independent 3rd party laboratories to ensure the potency and purity of our products is maintained.

Reach out to our knowledgeable staff at Palmetto Harmony and have your pressing CBD questions answered. Our CBD pet products for inflammation may be able to mitigate your furry family member’s suffering, our Psorian cream minimize psoriasis. CBD can have a wide range of potential medicinal benefits, order our CBD hemp oils today from Palmetto Harmony and discover your own inner harmony.

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