NY 9/21/2019 9:23:06 PM
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Xprnc Media Announces The 'Rise Above - ON TOUR' Marketing Program Empowering Artists To Directly Connect With Fans In-store At Media Retail

Xprnc Media is excited to announce our 'Rise Above - ON TOUR' marketing program across our digital signage and mobile engagement network in 50 of the top independent media retailers across the U.S (http://bit.ly/XM-NetworkMap).

The 'Rise Above - ON TOUR' marketing program (http://bit.ly/XM-OnTour) is an innovative and low cost opportunity to place your Local Performance in front of committed music fans and store staff across all your market stops. We have positioned 55-inch HDTV’s in the highest traffic locations in 50 of the top independent media retailers across the U.S. Fans visit these top indie stores to find what’s new in the bins, get turned onto new music by staff tastemakers and learn about upcoming performances.

"We’re delighted to finally provide venues, managers, artists and labels with an inexpensive and impactful format to reach media consumers. Through our digital signage and mobile engagement across our network, we’re empowering direct connections with fans," said Michael Fitts, President of Xprnc Media.

While On Tour covers the entire U.S., you can also send us your performance dates and we’ll build you a custom campaign to support your specific tour markets. The program includes Your Performance Ad running hourly, Consumer Engagement thru a Mobile Browse Page that includes your Photos and Graphics and directly links to your Venues’ Ticketing page;, or to a web page of your choice.

Reach out to us to discuss any of your current or future projects where we can be of service. You can reach us via email at connect@xprncmedia.com or by phone @ 720-250-7368. You can also set a time to meet with us using our scheduling calendar (http://bit.ly/XM-Meet).

About Xprnc Media
Xprnc Media (pronounced "experience media") empowers advertisers to reach consumers directly through digital signage and mobile engagement placed with the top media retailers in the U.S. Independent retailers are collaborating with us to provide informative, interactive and engaging digital media experiences to their consumers, while generating new revenues from advertisers who wish to engage media consumers at retail.