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Nick Barraclough: Helping You Take Care Of Sexual Offence Cases The Right Way

Nick Barraclough is one of the leading sexual offences barrister London based right now. Because of this unparalleled reputation in handling such cases, he has become one of the most in-demand experts when it comes to sexual offences.

Those who will choose to hire Nick Barraclough can expect a calm but strong approach to any level of sexual offence case, with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for his client. In fact, he is one of the recommended barristers of the Legal 500 directory because of his outstanding legal skills. According to them, “He achieves brilliant results through his ability to spot points others have missed”. This barrister ensures that such sensitive cases will be handled appropriately, helping everyone involved to eliminate the stress and worries they may have.

To further help his clients, Nick Barraclough offers a Direct Access scheme that allows anyone to hire him even without going through a solicitor. This enables clients to acquire legal help from this barrister in the easiest way possible. Those who will avail of this scheme will acquire a direct line of communication with him as well as a tailor-made service, allowing clients to get the most comprehensive legal advice they need without breaking the bank. Please take note that not every case is suitable for the Direct Access scheme, though Nick Barraclough will properly guide his clients on this matter.

As for the fees, this barrister makes it a point to offer fixed rates to guarantee that the costs will not increase unexpectedly. On top of that, he can provide an in-depth cost estimate ahead of time to ensure that every expense is properly covered.

Aside from sexual offences, Nick Barraclough can take on other types of criminal cases as well, such as fraud, money laundering, murder, slavery, and more. At present, he mostly acts in privately funded cases, though still accepts some legal aid work. Interested parties can find details of some of the cases he handled at

To learn more about this barrister and his areas of expertise, check out his official website at

About Nick Barraclough

Nick Barraclough is a professional trial barrister in the United Kingdom. He fought trials at Crown Courts throughout England and Wales, honing his expertise in handling even the most sensitive and difficult criminal cases. This barrister labels himself as a strong advocate of providing the best results to his clients through proper collaboration and communication. As an accredited Pupil Supervisor who is registered with the Bar Council, he maintains a good reputation in the industry and works regularly for various clients. Interested clients can reach Nick Barraclough through or 020 7440 8888. For written queries, visit to fill out the contact form.