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Maryland HVAC Contractor Compares Ductless AC vs Central Air

Maryland HVAC Contractor Compares Ductless AC vs Central Air

The Maryland HVAC contractors at Presidential Heat and Air recently released a blog describing ductless ac vs central air units. Ductless air conditioning are essentially the same as typical central air systems, however, they are more low profile.

Ductless air conditioning contains two components that make them function similarly to central air conditioning systems. It has an outdoor compressor/condenser along with an indoor air-handling unit to cool multiple rooms at once. The refrigeration cycle that ductless air systems conduct is also within the same process as central air systems that connect between the outdoor and indoor units.

There are a few benefits that ductless air systems have that set them apart from central air systems. The first would be the installation process as it is a simpler process because there's no ductwork. You can place the outdoor compressor within a few feet from your indoor air-handler, allowing high flexibility. They are also the ideal candidates for smaller spaces because they tend to be smaller units, allowing you the option to get multiple air units for multiple rooms. The fact that they typically cost less in comparison to other central units is another reason to purchase one. The installation is cost-effective because the only fee would be the mini-split of the outdoor and indoor units and you only pay for it when it is in use. This takes out the cost of window mounting or ductwork. Once it is installed, you will find that these units are relatively quieter when in operation to provide additional comfort to your home.

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