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Take Your Fitness To The Next Level With Orontay Ltd’s Smart Bottle And Series 1 Line

Orontay Ltd, a proud provider of ethical sportswear in the UK today, offers eco-conscious gym-goers a brand-new product: the Orontay Smart Bottle. Those who purchase this item can say goodbye to using plastic bottles because this quality container is reusable. Equipped with many great features, this smart bottle will undoubtedly enhance any fitness enthusiast’s lifestyle.

The Orontay Smart Bottle comes with a 500-ml capacity and is vacuum insulated, making it so your drinks stay cold or warm for hours on end. Users can expect liquids that are above 42 degrees to stay warm for up to six hours, while drinks below 10 degrees will remain cool for up to five hours. This state-of-the-art bottle also features a convenient digital display that shows users the exact temperature of their drinks.

Avid followers of juice cleansing routines will be delighted at the bottle’s special metal filter, which makes it easier to prepare healthy fruit-infused water. The filter can also be used for easy tea preparation since it can act as a strainer for tea leaves, giving users more drink options.

The bottle features minimalist artwork that has been hand-painted in the UK, and customers can choose between two different designs: “Sprite” or “Make A Difference”.  Many more designs for this product are coming soon.

Aside from the Orontay Smart Bottle, the company also takes pride in their Series 1 line of unisex ethical activewear. The line features short-sleeve tops and shorts that are made of the finest nanotech sustainable material, greatly enhancing functionality in physical activity. Because of the natural fabric used to make them, these clothes are also far better for the skin compared to fabrics like polyester. Each of these fantastic items cost £29.99, including tax only. Fans of this series should be on the lookout because the company is planning to release an all-new Series 2 line of ethical activewear very soon.

Please take note that the price mentioned above is subject to change without prior notice.

Orontay Ltd’s products are shipped in high-quality, plastic-free paper bags that do not have any wasteful tags and decorations. This packaging is fully decomposable and can also be recycled.

Those who want to know more about Orontay Ltd and its offers can visit for more information.

About Orontay Ltd

Orontay Ltd is an ethical activewear company that promotes eco-friendly values through their products. They seek to go against the typical harmful practices of the fashion industry by minimising manufacturing waste, providing ethical working conditions, and denouncing animal cruelty. To find out more about this company and the products they have on offer, you can visit their website at For any enquiries, you can call 0117 321 0319 or e-mail to get in touch with the staff.